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Database Tour

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Database Tour
Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 2000 Windows 7 Windows 8 - English

The management of a database can be stressfull. Database Tour was developed by Vitalyi Levchenko to enable user to manage database with many features.

Key features

SQL queries: Database Tour supports SQL queries and offers the possibility to build and execute them. It can read SQL scripts and even highlight syntax in SQL editor. SQL history can also be saved and the database can be stored.
Import/Export: The program enables to import and export database from an open-table to another. Imported and exported data can be in different formats. These lasts for instance could be text, RTF/HTML documents or Excel sheets.
Editing/Printing: Having access to data can mean the ability to edit it. Database Tour has an option for modifying texts or adding pictures. After editing, the program has two basic ways of printing function, printing table data or using reports.


Database Tour is available in different languages.
This is an one-in-all software due to its several features.


This is a trial version of Database Tour.

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