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Future Value of Savings Calculator

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Future Value of Savings Calculator
Windows XP, English
Most of people want to get rid of financial issue. You may take early retirement but start a new career. It is always important to have a plan. Future Value of Savings Calculator helps you assess your future revenue.

Key features :

  • Savings: Once you earned money, the same choice always remains: either consuming or saving it. Then, the software evaluates the value of your savings at a certain rate. You can also compare more than 77 different saving scenarios.
  • Retirement planning and investment analysis: The program allows you to enter a balance, to make a regular payment amount, to insert the interest rate and the payment frequency. Then, the financial calculator will generate those parameters and highlighting them if necessary.
  • Time value of money: The parameters registered are customizable. Thus, the user can change any three of a savings plan such as initial balance, savings periods, regular savings amount and immediately get the solution.
  • Printing: Data inserted by the user within the application can be stored in your PC. However, you can print the charts in order to share your viewpoint with others.


  • The program is totally free.
  • It presents an intuitive interface.


  • The user must have a minimum knowledge of finance.


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