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Enable Viacam or eViacam is a software allowing the user to temporarily replace the pointer of his mouse, his head is used instead. Some of its features are detailed below.

Key features

Control: The program enables the user to have full control on the cursor manipulation of his computer. In fact, the process is based on the tracing of his head movements viewed by the webcam.

Customizing: eViacam offers the user the possibility to define the cursor speed. He can for instance make it more fluid or easily slip on the screen. Other variables are also adjustable depending on the user's preferences.

Setting: It is possible to use the default setting or create a new one by defining the displaying language of the controls among the various which are proposed. Note that the camera or the webcam must be recognized by the application.

Installation: Thanks to the configuration assistant integrated with eViacam, this tool does not need to be installed. It can directly start from this window and the available options are all presented.


This is an open source version of eViacam.


There is nothing special to report on it.

Alternative spelling: eViacam-2.0.1.exe, eViacam.exe
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