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PE Builder allows you to create a CD-ROM (or a DVD) bootable (called BartPE) of Windows XP (minimum SP1) or Windows Server on 2003 to assure easily your operations of PC maintenance.

This CD (called BartPE) allows you to start your PC, and will give you a complete environment of Win32, multitasks, with graphic interface (800x600, the complete support of the file systems FAT / NTFS / CDFS and the network support. Very practical to test PC without OS, to recover files towards a sharing network, to scan viruses... The generated CD BartPE will replace advantageously all the diskettes of DOS boot in a very short time. The generated CD can be used on any PC (96 Mb RAM and 300 Mhz minimum), even if there is no installed operating system, or if the system is older than XP or 2003. Plugins, to use at the time of the creation of the CD, allows to add many features to your CD, like the burning...

PE Builder is not a Microsoft product and do not create Microsoft Windows Pre-installation Environment ("WinPE"). To use EP Builder does not give you a license for Microsoft WinPE or to use the binary of Windows XP or Server 2003 in other way than the one defined in the End-User License Agreement ( EULA), included in your version of Microsoft Windows XP or Windows Server 2003. Microsoft has not overseen or tested PE Builder and does not assume its use.


Alternative spelling: pebuilder3110a.exe
Latest update on June 22, 2016 at 03:26 AM.
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