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GeoServer is a program designed to have access to geospatial data. It allows users to share and edit GIS or Geographic Information System. This tool is developed by The GeoServer Team.

Key features

Access: with GeoServer, the user can open the source code and make improvement on it to have more accurate information. It supports almost map formats provided by popular services such as Shapefiles and KML.

Synchronization: this program can work with other applications to capture geo-information from the Web. In fact, it is integrated with mapping library OpenLayers which can be a great help for creating dynamic maps.

Settings: GeoServer also offers the opportunity to provide many options that help to handle and store created data. For instance, it makes it possible to add legends and personalize the map. They can be analyzed and structured on mapping services over the Web.


GeoServer is downloadable free of charge.

Some bugs such as the slow rendering of maps have been solved.


Some operations require high knowledge of GIS tools.

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