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Mask Surf Standard

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Mask Surf Standard
Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 2000 Windows 7 Windows 8 - English

Mask Surf Standard offers the ability to protect privacy when browsing internet. Indeed, this tool allows hiding IP address as well as deleting traces of online activities.

Key Features

Hiding IP address: Mask Surf Standard is provided with an option for masking IP address. To perform this action, it relies on a technology called Tor, a a network of virtual tunnels that allows preserving online anonymity and privacy.

Deleting history: this program also allows to remove traces of online activities. By this way, it ensures that no sensitive data can be viewed by potential hackers. It offers the ability to delete list of URL, browsing history, cookies and more.

Compatibility: what makes Mask Surf Standard stand out from standard proxy software, is that it is compatible with almost all versions of popular browsers. It supports for example, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer.


Mask Surf Standard is easy to handle and requires no specific knowledge in computing.
By hiding IP address, it allows browsing even sites that are unavailable in certain geographic areas.


This shareware version is only valid for 15 days of use.

Alternative spelling: masksurf_setup-3.6.exe, masksurf_setup.exe
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