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Physics 101 SE

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Physics 101 SE
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, English
Calculation is the most relevant process when studying physics. Physics 101 SE has been developed to help students and teachers with their work because of its numerous options.

Key features

Circuit Analysis: With Physics 101 SE, it is possible to build a virtual circuit with all its features like resistors and voltage sources. When he finished, the result will automatically appear.

Kinematic Motion Analysis: This tool will help the user find the equations that modeled a movement. Motion Analysis will graph the velocity and time of the movement after the user has entered the object acceleration and its initial velocity and time.

Unit Converter: Physics 101 SE offers also the possibility to make convert measurements. The user has just to enter the unit he wants to convert and click on the other measurement he wants it to be converted.

Orbits: The user can also observe the changes in an orbit. He can enter the initial values for semi-minor and semi-major axises and just let the program calculate. The result will appear on the screen.


Physics 101 SE has more than 150 formulas.

The calculation process is fast.


This is a demo version of Physics 101 SE.


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