Sound Convert Tool

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Sound Convert Tool
Windows XP Windows 2000 - English

Sound Convert Tool is a powerful audio converter. It supports many file formats and can proceed to this task swiftly.

Key Features

  • Conversion: Sound Convert Tool is a tool that can encode audio files to MP3 or WAV. The process is simple; the user just has to open the file in question directly through the main interface and start the conversion.
  • Configurable: it is up to the user to specify the output format before starting the encoding. It has two pre-set buttons for this action. In case of mishandling, it is still possible to correct the mistake by restarting the program.
  • Help file: to facilitate mastering various options offered by Sound Convert Tool, a guide has been added to the program. Note that users can always access this help file in case of problems and errors.
  • Player: the user is able to listen previously to the processed song. During the operation, it will be possible to change the volume and perform fast-forward if necessary. Handlings become relatively simple thanks to the progress bar on the interface.


  • Sound Convert Tool is freeware.
  • Its simple interface makes it easy to start-up.


  • Nothing to report.
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