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Business Valuation Model Excel

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Business Valuation Model Excel
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You might have wondered how effective is your company, but for that you have to either operate complicated calculation and analysis or hire a specialist which anyone cannot afford. To simplify it, why not using Business Valuation Model Excel, a professional program?

Key features

  • Entering data: Business Valuation Model Excel features indicators for your company growth evolution by entering key data such as net sales prediction, gross margin and so forth. With its handy interface, you will not struggle too much to master it.
  • Graphs and indicators: once you have entered data, set graph by choosing the type that fits your use. Then, analyze and interpret if your company can handle competition with others. Of course, graphs and results are clearly indicated next to other companies.
  • Customizable: otherwise, you can entirely configure how it runs thanks to its customizing function. Thus, you are enabled to change and control analysis according to variables such as growth rate, predicted yield and so on.


  • It is full of features enhancing calculation.
  • It is easy to use.


  • It is a trial version which expires after 7 days of use.


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