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Click and ShareIt enables to take screenshot and record the screen to have all activities performed on the computer system. After that, they can be shared on the Internet.

Key Features

Just with a simple click of the mouse, the user can take a screen capture on a customized area. The user just has to limit the area to work with and then click on the appropriate button. In a matter of seconds, screenshot will be available. As with the screen capture of an area, few mouse clicks are enough to take the shot. It is even simplified with this option. The user has to start and end the screen record at any time. Once all captures are taken, the process is simple. Click and ShareIt will let its users record the screenshot or others on its Web hosting service. It can then be published on web with a URL.


Click and ShareIt is multiplatform and available free of charge. The interface is intuitive and graphical. It is available in several languages.


Alternative spelling: setup-1.20.exe, setup.exe

Latest update on January 8, 2015 at 05:36 AM.

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