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Annotation Edit

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Annotation Edit
Mac OS X - English

As its name suggests, Annotation Edit is a tool for adding annotations on videos and audios. It offers several features for attributing or subtitling a video or an audio file.

Key Features

Adding subtitles: Annotation Edit includes an option where to add subtitles to a video. This feature is directly accessible from the main interface for easier handling. The subtitling process is simple and is performed in a wink.

Synchronization: this program integrates a sound analyzer with which it becomes easy to perfectly synch subtitles with dialogues. The user then ensures that there will be no mistakes between what is displayed and what is said.

Customizable: Annotation Edit also allows configuring the way subtitles appear on the screen. The user can define the position where to display them. He can also edit the text color and choose the font type and appearance whether in italic or in bold.


Annotation Edit offers a simple and user-friendly interface.

It is easy to handle and does not require any specific knowledge in computing or video editing.


This is a demo version.

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