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ChordPulse Lite

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ChordPulse Lite
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, English
An efficient program is always required when one wants to create music with computer. Reduced bugs and an intuitive interface as well as straightforward handling are Chordpulse lite’s owned criteria.

Key features

ChordPulse Lite is meant for creating music efficiently in a fun way. It comes with a database featuring about 24 music styles and 5 chord types for you to quickly bring out one track according to your knowledge and will. ChordPulse Lite is intuitive and easy to handle. You just have to select a chord and the software manages to show you how to play it. A virtual keyboard is also featured for you to easily learn musical notes and issues. Preset track and original tracks can undergo some changes thanks to its editing tools. With its virtual instruments such as drums, bass, strings and so forth, ChordPulse Lite will add a touch of originality in all your creations by changing key, tempo unlike MP3 and MIDI players.


It comes with an intuitive interface. Anyone can use it whether you are in band or play solo instrument.


You have to purchase its license for you to have the full version.


Alternative spelling: chordpulse_2p4_setup.exe

Latest update on June 22, 2016 at 03:11 AM.

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