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10.6.1 (latest version)
Clavier +
Windows 2000, Windows XP, English

Word processing and launching a web seem to be time consuming, Clavier + is the tool for you to make it faster than you may think.

Key features

-Practical : this software can perform any tasks that a keyboard can do without touch : for Windows, Excel, and Internet browser. According to some users, Clavier +is more performing than other similar software.

-Fast : while using this software, there is no time wasted due to the unprecise strokes that you may do on your keyboard while typing. The created shortcut keys will make your task easier as the typing becomes faster with a single stroke.

-Selective : the program is limited to one EXE and inferior to 100kB. Meaning that, it is better to know in advance the size of the file that should be worked on so to prevent any disappointment.

-Other options : the software can control music by playing only 4 keys. These keys can work on their own even if the music application is inactive. Whereas for sound volume, only 3 keys are enough to have a well balanced sound.

System requirements

The software supports : Win 95, 98, Me, Windows 2000, XP.

Memory : 367 kB


A free software that saves your time in typing and web launching. So, those tasks will become faster and more interesting than in the past


The software does not work well with games.


Alternative spelling: ClavierSetup.exe

Latest update on August 30, 2012 at 04:58 AM.

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