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Web Cartoon Maker

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Web Cartoon Maker
Windows XP Windows Vista - English
Web Cartoon Maker is an application for designing cartoons from a computer. The use of the program requires some programming know-ledge even though overall, it is rather easy to use.

Main features

Premiere: the task is performed from simple scripts C + +. For example, the line of code, Max.Says ("Hello World"), used to talk about the character that it welcomes. One can insert images, text and characters.

Transformation: to perform this task, the opus has his own compiler. The latter is used to convert the lines of code in cartoons. Scripts can thus move charac-ters, resize or make them transparent once processed into animations.

Reading and encoding: the opus reader allows playback in real time in crea-tion. It displays the exact position of the current scene or the duration of the animation. Using the Web Cartoon Mak-er Video Codec module, can compress documents to AVI.


A comprehensive library of characters, images and sounds can be down-loaded via the website of the Publisher.

A speech recognition engine, eSpeak, is integrated into the software.

This opus is freely downloadable.


The interface of this software is in English only.


Alternative spelling: wcm_desktop_setup-1.0.exe, wcm_desktop_setup.exe
Latest update on June 9, 2015 at 05:15 AM.
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