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Mac OS X - English

So as to put in order all your video files, Filmotech can be a great help for you. Designed by Pascal Pluchon, it can hold a database of your video files.

Key Features

  • Collection: Filmothech is a program that helps you manage all of your video files by creating a database. Indeed, you can use a local database (SQLite format) or use MySQL server since this program support them all.
  • Compatibility: Filmothech works with most media such as DVD, Blu-ray, DivX, CD and even VHS. This means that you can store all your files and especially your video files, new and old in its database.
  • Export: this program also includes a PHP/MySGL web publishing tool that focusing mainly on the contents of your database and allows you to preview your movie collection. You can make a backup of your database and create a new one if needed. Filmothech can also be exported to mobile devices and tablets.

System requirements

  • Operating System: Mac OS X.
  • Required disk space: 9 MB


  • Filmothech includes a function for creating and printing cover.
  • Lent management and statistics options.
  • It can categorize your movies according to their sizes or other characters.
  • A search of 10 locations is possible without using a browser.


  • It only works on Mac.
Alternative spelling: Filmotech_312.dmg
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