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CopWrite is a software designed by RAD Software. It allows storing police reports for officers as well as private detectives.

Key Features

  • Database: CopWrite is provided with a powerful database that can record a lot of information and investigation documents. Each case registered to this base is automatically given a specific number that makes it unique without duplicates.
  • Security: the access to the program can be secured by a password in order to prevent intrusion and to protect the agent's privacy. There is also a feature that registers and protects logs history, changes and upgrades performed by the agent.
  • Multi users: it is possible to have various people on the database. Each one is provided a specific password and the administrator can define data to which he has permission to view. Users' IDs and access level are inserted in a specific user list already included in the software.
  • Network use: CopWrite can be run on a single or multiple computers connected to a local network. The number of computers that can be connected is limitless according to the licence agreement chosen at installation.


  • It is possible to classify data into active or inactive ones in order to make the difference between current and solved cases.


  • This version is a 30 days trial.
Alternative spelling: setup-copwrite-4.14.exe, setup-copwrite.exe
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