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Lan Manager

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3.2 (latest version)
Lan Manager
Windows 2000, Windows XP, English
LAN Manager is a software designed to make communication easier in a local network.

Key features :

  • Chatting : network members can have discussion at a real time while using this software. So, there is no delay in information and idea exchanging. But, the number is limited to one person only.
  • File exchanging : This software makes communication faster and easier because users can send documents to one network member. However, the latter can refuse not to receive these documents.
  • Professional use : the software is very efficient to establish communication within company with network installation where information has an important place for making it work.
  • Interface : an easy to use interface in order to make the software work properly for those who even do not have advanced computer skills. The software can display who are on the network and who are not, depending on the message to be sent.
  • Other options : there are ways to inform the network members : the bulletin board on which the information is displayed and all the members can read in order to be updated of the latest news. Besides, the back-up is for those who may miss the information or need some reminder due to the time passing by.

Pros :

  • A powerful freeware that allows all forms of communication possible in a company.


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