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Mac OS X - English

MediaTube is a program that gets rid of ads and comments that are appearing when viewing a video on YouTube. The interface is clear and intuitive.

Key Features

  • Visualization: since MediaTube is mainly focused on giving its users a better experience while viewing videos on YouTube; it is offering a clear interface. This means that it is intuitive, letting users open the list of search videos and the one played back with a high quality. Visualization is free from ads and comments.
  • Media streaming: to start with, MediaTube lets users type the name of the video on the search box to see all results appear on the left side of the interface. Opening the browser and the Website is not required. Meanwhile, another option is also feasible that is a "copy/paste" of the YouTube URL on the interface for the video to be played.
  • Miscellaneous: MediaTube is displaying several videos related to search on the top of the interface. It is up to the user to double-click on one of them to start playback. There is a function allowing viewers to vary the quality of the playing video.


  • MediaTube is enhancing the viewing of movies on YouTube.


  • This is a shareware version.
Alternative spelling: MediaTube-2.0.dmg, MediaTube.dmg
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