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iMagic Hotel Reservation

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iMagic Hotel Reservation
Windows 2000 Windows XP Windows Vista - English

The modern hotel trade now includes an avant-garde technology to optimize its performance. iMagic Hotel Reservation is a hotel management software to perform all tasks in the management of a hotel.

Key Features

  • Accounting: not only iMagic Hotel Reservation records the inputs and outputs of clients but also allows its users to keep reliable accounting. With its flexible payment system, it allows users to add additional charges such as laundry, bar or meals. Exporting customer’s accounts to a standard file can be done by using MS Excel or another accounting package. In addition, the software includes settings for taxation.
  • Bookings: the application can make a booking safely from booking dates to final confirmation. Apart from that, the application also links into several online booking providers giving you the choice for the best one.
  • Business Management: iMagic Hotel Reservation can match the expectations of customers concerning certain administrative documents. This includes the preparation of invoices, estimates and purchase.
  • Reporting: the manager will have different types of reports on room rentals, payments and more. The software also allows you to track unpaid rentals, analyze trends, compare performances and plot graphs. It should be noted that iMagic Hotel Reservation provides several types of graphs: Bar 3D, 2D, etc.


  • The software is simple to handle.


  • Interface not graphical.
  • The software is not free; you have to pay to get a license.
Alternative spelling: iMagicHotelReservation-4,7.exe, iMagicHotelReservation.exe
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