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EMS IB Manager

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EMS IB Manager
Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 2000 - English
Using a program such as EMS IB/FB Manager makes the creating and the management of database easy. This program gives as well the possibility to launch queries.

Main features

Logging in: when starting EMS IB/FB Manager , user is requested toidentify himself and specify the database on which he wishes to work. For that he needs to enter data like a login and a password.

Creation: the software offers the possibility to generate a database in graphic mode. Several models are available in its resources, the user only have to enter the specifications of what he wants to create on a dedicated bar.

Management: EMS IB/FB Manager can as well be used to manage an existing databank. Many managing functions are then available, like deleting or moving tables.

Query: this function of the application will help to explore the data on the database. As he prefers, the user can do queries in graphic mode or through the integrated SQL consol.


EMS IB/FB Manager is equipped with an integrated debugger


This is a trial version limited to 30 days of use.


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