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Animation from Movie

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Animation from Movie
Windows XP Windows Vista - English

Animation From Movie is facilitating the creation of animations from movies. The program supports a compendium of video formats. It is developed by Caricature Software.

Key Features

  • Animation creation: to generate the animation with Animation From Movie, the user will have to load one or several movies to its interface. The program can proceed to the creation automatically. The animation will be saved in AVI or SWF.
  • Conversion: this program is dealing with the conversion of movies or videos to cartoons. Results are mainly composed of lines, spaces and colors without a direct link to the real objects. The output is worth a professional.
  • Compatibility: for the input format, Animation From Movie can work with several video formats such as WMV, AVI, ASF, MPG and MPEG. This option is optimizing the publication or sharing of the animation on a Web page.
  • Miscellaneous: apart from that, Animation From Movie also enables to adjust brightness of the animation. It is possible to have more or fewer details on it. A built in player enables to view the animation before recording it.


  • The interface is intuitive making it simple to handle.


  • This trial version is available in English and is limited in features.
Alternative spelling: AnimationFromMovieSetup2.exe
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