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Mac OS X, English
GoCubic is a tool designed for image edition. It offers the ability to display a picture over geometric shapes such as cubes or cylinders.

Key Features

Predefined shapes: in order to make it easier to display a specific photo over a geometric shape, GoCubic suggests the use of various predefined items, provided with the software and usable once the installation process is done.

Applying effects: once the user finished selecting the shape he wants to use with his image file, he has to go through various steps to obtain the result he requires. He will have to go through various options accessible from the menu bar.

Panoramic view: what makes GoCubic stands out from any other software of the same kind is the fact that it allows creating panoramic pictures easily. The feature intended for this purpose is clearly viewable and accessible from the main interface's menu bar.


GoCubic is downlaodable for free.
It offers a simple and intuitive interface that makes its handling easy.


Applying effects requires a rather long period as the user has to pass by various steps before getting the required results.


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Latest update on April 20, 2015 at 02:26 AM.

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