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Picmiz is a utility for working with image files. With an intuitive interface, it enables to resize images in batch. This program is developed and published by Berenger.

Key Features

  • Resizing: this software is capable of resizing the size of a given image in a matter of seconds. Indeed, with Picmiz, all users have to do is to precise the output dimension of each file and click on the "Resize" button.
  • Editing: what stands this program from other tools is that it gives users the ability to adjust the pixel level of the output image. This means that it is possible to enhance the quality of the image being resized. It adjusts pixels depending on the resizing percentage.
  • Tags: in case the user wants to rename pictures, he is given the possibility to change metadata related to it. Picmiz also enables to modify the format and adjust frame if needed be.
  • Batch process: Picmiz can resize pictures one by one or in batch. The latter enables to process with several image files at the same time. The user just has to select them via the browser on the main interface.


  • Picmiz enables to determine the JPEG output quality.
  • It is available in several language including English and French.
  • This program is downloadable free of charge.


  • Nothing special to report.
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