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IKEA home Planner - 3D Conception

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IKEA home Planner - 3D Conception
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Choosing your own furniture and inside decoration is never easy whether it is for your entire house or just for a room. That is why IKEA, the Swedish furniture specialist has developed IKEA home Planner - Conception 3D for those who want to be their own interior designer.

Key features

  • Realism: IKEA home planner - Conception 3D is an interior design simulation tool. It allows you to try various location of all the furniture that you have chosen from IKEA store catalogs. What makes this software efficient is that it provides 3D images.
  • Choice: due to this software, you are free to choose the furniture which exactly fits to your room's size. You can try combinations as much as possible, set your interior design according to your will in order to find what match your needs.
  • Cost evaluation: once you have made your choice, IKEA home planner - Conception 3D can calculate the entire selected item sum. Aside from that, the program is also able to print all the simulation you have made.


  • IKEA home planner - Conception 3D is entirely free


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Latest update on December 27, 2016 at 01:02 PM.

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