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Before constructing a building, it is now possible to predict the optimum energy consumption and alleviate the invoice. CoDyBa is a software that can be used for this kind of task.

Key features

Air conditioner power estimation: Thanks to the software's reliable calculation system, it offers the user the possibility to know the power necessary to maintain the heating and cooling level. It allows to determine the annual consumption of any building.

Simulation: CoDyBa is based on brick assembly system to construct a building with its equipments. The user will then be able to build a model of house depending on his preferences by using basic elements like walls and windows.

Faculty of climatic adaptation: This program is able to anticipate and make dynamic reports on the consequences of the temperature variation of the building. It can determine the internal temperature when the heating and air conditioning are inadequate.


CoDyBa is available both in English and in French.

The analysis of the humidity is made in the same way as the heating and air conditioning.

The software is easy to use.


This is a shareware version.


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