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ProVideoPlayer 3

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ProVideoPlayer 3
Mac OS X - English

a powerful video player specially designed for Mac!

Registration date
Wednesday April 15, 2020
Last seen
September 20, 2021

ProVideoPlayer 3 is a program specially designed for Mac users. It is an advanced media player that offers the ability to fully enjoy video streaming.

Key Features

  • Player: this software is first of all a media player. It allows playing back video streams available on the Internet. It supports all existing formats and does not require the installation of any additional codec as it is already provided with all necessary tools.
  • Advanced use of video: what makes ProVideoPlayer 3 is that it supports advanced use of video. It offers, for example, the ability to deal with multiple outputs, multiple layers, HD content and more.
  • Multiple screens: ProVideoPlayer 3 can be used to create multi-screen presentations using external graphic modules or networking several computers. Moreover, it supports multiple graphic cards installed on a single computer, for the same purpose.
  • Effects: in order to enhance the rendering of a video, this software suggests applying various effects. This action can be performed easily and it is even allowed to combine various effects.

Is It Free?

This is a free trial version of the software. You can rent the license for 2 weeks for $199 or buy it forever for $999.

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