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Family Home Budget 2008

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Family Home Budget 2008
Windows XP, English
Managing a family budget does not call for a procedural control since everything is simple. For that, it is preferable to use a tool that is not difficult to handle. Family Home Budget 2008 is an accounting software that has been designed by Bottomlinebudget for household needs.

Key Features

  • Planning: Family Home Budget 2008 is designed to evaluate and finish the realization of your dreams. Its main purpose is to introduce briefly the increase of your savings if this is the case.
  • Budget: the application adopts a very simple strategy in terms of budget. It is taking to account your expenses and revenues. And with just a few clicks, the application allows you to get the details of what you have consumed or earned in a given period.
  • Classification: managing its money via the application is possible. This is because Family Home Budget 2008 accounts items are classified according to the needs of a household. This may include food, clothing, gas or children.
  • Periodic report: you can be aware of your financial situation at any time. The application generates a table showing your entries and cash outflows. Thus, you can evaluate your savings in a simple but precise way.


  • Family Home Budget is entirely free.
  • It requires no knowledge in accounting.


  • Not enough features.


Alternative spelling: fhbsetup.exe

Latest update on November 20, 2012 at 12:50 AM.

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