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TeamSpeex is a program that relies on VOIP or Voice over IP technology. It offers the ability to exchange verbally with someone else without using any telephony program such as Skype.

Key Features

Verbal exchanges; TeamSpeex allows users to talk to each other thanks to its specific option dedicated to this purpose. This action can be performed either via internet connection or between computers which are connected to each other via local network.

Text messages: this program is also provided with a specific option for text messaging. It offers the ability to exchange instant messages between people as far as each computer has this program installed within its system.

Multi-users: it is possible to have multiple users on a single telephony line just as in a phone conference. That is useful for online gamers that belong to a single team and need to communicate whereas they are located in different places.

Mute: what makes TeamSpeex interesting is the fact that it offers the ability to cut the sound of a too talkative player so as to not disturb the user. The one whose microphone has been turned off, ignores this fact.


TeamSpeex is downloadable for free.


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Alternative spelling: TeamSpeex-1.0beta2.dmg
Latest update on March 31, 2015 at 02:45 AM.
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