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Chroma Key Live is a program designed to replace the background of an image. It can work with different pictures from any application.

Key features

Chroma keying: this software can work with pictures coming from tools like a camera or another image capture device. To proceed, the user only has to choose the input camera, select the green part in it to make it disappear and change it with another image.

Editing: Chroma Key Live allows its user to choose between the image and the video input to set as background. Other parameters can also be set such as the tolerance and the edge fade, the window size as well as the color transparency.

Adjusting: it is possible to adjust the position of the image and the video. For that, the user only has to define the X and Y values of the "Position" that are displayed on the main window.

Input formats: Chroma Key Live supports several type of input, for instance we can count on camera, webcams, QuickTime movie and still many others. The image can be on PNG or JPEG or any others image format.


Chroma Key Live can be downloaded for free.


Record option is not included.


Alternative spelling: ChromaKeyLive_2013-01-19.dmg
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