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Dead Pixel

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Dead Pixel
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, Windows 7, Windows 8, English
Dead Pixel is a program designed to easily check Dead Pixels on an LCD screen. It highlights them on the screen. The software also warns the user about the LCD pixel status.

Key features

Detection: if white dots appear on the screen, this means that defective pixels or Dead Pixels are discovered on it. This program shows the approximate number of them so that the user can be aware of all details.

Location: bright dots indicate the positions of the Dead Pixels. Each scanned color is displayed on the main interface when the detection is complete. The LCD screen may contain more than one white dot.

Analysis: Dead Pixel can launch a diagnosis to complete the process. It is possible to refine the investigative field by specifying colors that the user wants to check before starting the detection.


DeadPixel can be downloaded for free.

The program occupies a little space on the hard disk.

All features are accessible from the main interface.

The software allows detecting black shades for the new screen.


It only detects defective pixels but cannot repair them.


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