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Mac OS X, English
Contam is a fake virus that can be installed on the computer of your colleagues or friends. It is worth noting that the program is safe and does nothing to corrupt the machine.

Key Features

Installation: installing Contam is quite easy and the process only lasts few minutes. By this way, it is possible to perform this task while a colleague or a friend steps away from his computer even just for a few time.

Stealth mode: once Contam is installed on the computer, it runs stealthily in the background. The late user of the machine does not even suspects that this fake virus is there so as he will be totally surprised when it comes out on the screen.

Funny: this program has been intended to be funny. It represents no real threat for the computer and its execution does not impact on its performance.


Contam can be downloaded for free.
It is lightweight and consumes few memory and system resources.


There is nothing special to report.


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