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MindGames Word Games

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MindGames Word Games
Windows 2000 Windows XP Windows Vista - English

MindGames Word Games is a software that is designed to improve its users memory concerning words and their meanings by using puzzles.

Key features:

  • Entertaining : the software gives a relaxing time for the users by making them find words by moving letters following the arrows on the software.
  • Vocabulary : Word spelling and meaning can be found in this software. That will allow the users broaden their vocabulary while playing on the computer.
  • Diversity : there are more than 20 games available in the software. So, users have many choices to acquire new words from one game to another.
  • Interface : the software provides an attractive computer screen on which all the actions required are shown. Users have to click the icon on the screen and then the software will execute the action.
  • Installation : MindGames Word Games is very easy to download. There is no specific computer knowledge required to make the software run for the users.
  • Other options : the sound can be turned off or on depending on the users’ need. The software can give tips for the users during the game session about the word meaning.


  • A freeware version that boosts users’ memory while playing with words.
Alternative spelling: bookwormz-setup-1.0.exe, bookwormz-setup.exe
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