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Photo B&C

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Photo B&C
Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 7 - English
Photo B&C’s offers you the ability to transform an ordinary picture into an impressive one. With its all features, users even the beginners’ one will have no difficulty to handle this program. In addition, it is entirely free.

Key features

  • Selective: use of Photo B&C’s result is an impressive partially de-saturated picture. It gives you the opportunity to process numeric pictures like professional, without deepened skills in the field. All it takes is to select a picture with one main subject that has different color than the background
  • Pipette tool: this might likely be the main tool of this program. Indeed, with this, users pick colors they want to keep which are going to be displayed in the color list. In general, you have to click 3 times for each on dark, intermediate and light areas.
  • Complete: Even though Photo B&C is a program that has a single purpose; it still includes other features which increase the main purpose’s efficiency. For instance, you can resize picture, cancel come actions, save and print pictures, zoom in and so forth.
  • Supplementary setting: Moreover, you can use feathered images. When you turn on this option, boundary between colored and grey area will show a progressive coloration effect and if it is not the case, these two areas will be clearly separated. Similarly, color gradient can be used to separate two kept colors within the colored areas. Finally, a sepia option is also included in the program; it can replace grey effect when it is turned on.


  • It is a free powerful editing software.


  • Nothing special to report.

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