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Windows 2000 Windows XP - English

Movamp is an environment of development to be taken.

MovAMP was conceived to hold on a key USB or any other support of weak capacity. Connect it up in a computer equipped with Microsoft Windows and you have access to a server web,a database and INTERPRETER PHP. If MovAMP succeeds in contenting himself of not much of space, he can offer also installed on a workstation.

Comparable in EasyPhp or WAMP5, MovAMP inserts APACHE 2.0.54, MYSQL 4.1.12, PHP 5.0.4 and phpMyAdmin 2.6.2-pl1. Exits of the development of free software, these technologies proved their fastness and their stability.

Once thrown, he adds an icon to the zone of notification allowing to stop the server Apache and MySQL or to achieve the reception of the site or in phpMyAdmin.

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