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PC Backup Pro

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PC Backup Pro
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, English
PC Backup Pro can backup important files stored in the hard drives. This backup process can run automatically at regular time intervals. It ensures recovering and restoring data.

Key Features

Backup: PC Backup Pro runs in the background and can create copies of files and to save them in its secure database. It is able to backup several kinds of data such as emails, media files, Microsoft Office documents and over more just with a double-click of the mouse.

Settings: it is possible to configure PC Backup Pro to perform automatic backups at regular intervals. The user can set it so as to make a copying process every day, week or month.

Removable storage: apart from saving data into its database, it is also possible to make a backup of all files into a removable device. Users can even make a copy of the entire system and save it on an external device such as a USB stick.


  • PC Backup Pro is available in French and English.
  • This version is compatible with 64 bits operating systems.


  • This is a shareware version.


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