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Magic Desktop 8

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Magic Desktop 8
Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 2000 Windows 7 - English
Magic Desktop 8 is an Operating System simulating Windows' and destined for children (2 to 10). It is especially designed to protect and entertain them.

Key Features

  • Web browsing: Magic Desktop 8 provides a colorful and intuitive interface for easy navigation on the Web. Visited Websites are pre-sorted and undesirable and inappropriate contents will be systematically blocked.
  • Learning option: this program, apart from protecting children, also offers several learning exercises in the form of interactive games. Magic Desktop 8 also includes photo editing and drawing tool. Updates are available every day to renew each game's contents.
  • Computer security: one of the major advantages of this program is its ability to protect documents. It encrypts data and backs them up in order to restore them in case of mishandling performed by the child using the PC.
  • Chat: instant discussions are possible with Magic Desktop 8. Authorized contacts are listed by parents to avoid scammers. More than that, even ads will be blocked systematically by the application.


  • Magic Desktop 8 offers an intuitive interface facilitating its handling.
  • It is a complete and full-featured application for children.


  • This is a demo version.

Alternative spelling: MagicDesktopSetup-8.exe, MagicDesktopSetup.exe
Latest update on February 4, 2014 at 06:09 AM.
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it is a full version which contains serial key
The new Magic Desktop 8 version available at
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