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1.22 (latest version)
Windows XP Windows 2000 - French
Need more speed or just bored of slow internet connection? SpeedUP-DSL is there to solve this problem. Edited by David Dernoncourt, this program will save you a significant amount of time by improving your internet connection easily.

Key features

  • Optimize: for those who are not satisfied with their internet connection, they can still use SpeedUP-DSL to optimize it in a few clicks. This program improves data flows and request processing and therefore enhances data transmission speed.
  • Supported type: SpeedUP-DSL has been mainly edited for modem cables and ADSL users but it can also be used with a phone classic line. This means that SpeedUP-DSL supports any internet service provider as long as they use one of the kinds of communication mentioned above.
  • Easy: SpeedUP-DSL seems to be easy to use even for the real beginners thanks to an embedded help file available in XML format and a zip containing two files that provides a using templates and evaluating a website latency. You are allowed to estimate TCPRW size in optimal conditions as well.


  • SpeedUP-DSL downloading and use are entirely free.
  • Help file is also available in word format on the editor’s website.


  • Nothing special to report.


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Latest update on November 21, 2016 at 05:42 PM.
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its so amazing
my OS is windows 7 is this support it ?

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