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CPU Speed Accelerator

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CPU Speed Accelerator
Mac OS X - English

To avoid slow launching of applications, it is preferable to optimize the computer system with a special tool. CPU Speed Accelerator is a Mac OS X program to speed up application and optimize the performance of the operating system.

Key Features

  • Macintosh power: CPU Speed Accelerator is capable of increasing of up to 30% the speed of execution of all applications used on a Mac. To do this, it systematically identifies priority work and redirects unused power from the CPU to the latter.
  • Customization: as requested by the user, it is possible to accurately determine the percentage of CPU power to use for each application. With a built-in process manager utility, the largest percentage acceleration is always assigned to the first running application.
  • Protection: so that only the administrator can have access to these data, users are given the ability to add a login and password. No changes will be validated without entering this correct secret code and the right user name.


  • CPU Speed Accelerator is available in several languages.
  • The user interface is intuitive and graphical.


  • This trial version expires after some days of use.
Alternative spelling: CPU%20Speed%20Accelerator52.dmg
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