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PTS TracerPlus ODBC Link- Palm OS

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PTS TracerPlus ODBC Link- Palm OS
Windows XP Windows 2000 - English

PTS TracerPlus OBDC Link- Palm OS is a program which has been designed by Portable Technology Solutions. It allows the user to synchronize database between the mobile device and the computer.

Key features

Linking: As its name already suggests, the software enables the user to synchronize data with OBDC compliant applications. These last can be Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle. This will enable the user to reduce integration expense.

Customizable: It is also possible to configure the ODBC link. There are several tools for that such as creating or modifying the data source name. The user can also turn on or off the ODBC configurations by clicking on the Enabled setting.

Optional transfer: PTS TracerPlus OBDC Link- Palm OS also offers the user the possibility to define the data transfer option. As the OBDC setting is fully customizable, the Personal Digital Assistant is also capable of synchronizing to the customizable fields.


PTS TracerPlus OBDC Link- Palm OS eases the transfer of data.

It clears off the import and export process.


This is a shareware version.

Alternative spelling: tracerp_odbc-2.8.exe, tracerp_odbc.exe
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