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Linux Mac OS X - English
Aiming at reducing the development costs for educational games, e-Adventure is a research project allowing users to create educational games based on Java.

Key Features

  • Authoring: for the creation of the game, it is worth to not that e-Adventure supports all the common traits of point and click adventure games as well as a graphical editor authoring. You will have to choose between a traditional adventure and a contextual adventure menus. It is possible to customize the interface of the game.
  • Educational: created games are packed with standard metadata (IEEE Learning Object Metadata). It also supports several real-time adaptive learning scenarios and built-in assessment mechanism.
  • Export: the editor of the application enables the exportation of created games as standards-compliant learning objects or LO. Indeed, the game can be as IMS Content Packaging, SCORM v1.2, SCORM 2004, WebCT 4 Course Packages and AGREGA.
  • Improvements: the application comes along with new improvement for this new version. The logos, splash screens, buttons and some visual assets have been redesigned. It is now including translations to Galician, Chinese, Russian and Portuguese. e-Adventure is now supporting multi-screen environments.


  • e-Adventure allows any person to create educational and adventurous video games.
  • It is easy to use.
  • This tool is educative.


  • Nothing to report.

Alternative spelling: eAdventure-v1.5RC4-Installer-Windows-1.5.exe, eAdventure-v1.5RC4-Installer-Windows.exe
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