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Installing an application on the computer system can be a source of problem without a real protection. Indeed, an application can modify system files without our knowledge. To remedy this, SandBoxie can run all your programs in an isolated space to protect data in the computer.

Key Features

SandBoxie is working as a shield against malicious actions of some applications. Indeed, it can install a sandbox (sandbox) between the hard disk and applications. The process is simple, for each disk access, it record access in the Sandbox and when the software tries to write on the disk, it is actually doing it in the sandbox. This prevents it from changing anything on your disk, seamlessly and without affecting performance. SandBoxie includes a manager that lists active processes, manage content in the sandbox and create more secure areas. These actions can be done thanks to the intuitive interface of the software. SandBoxie is extremely useful when you want to test software and without leaving traces on your machine. You can also use the software when you want to perform an unsafe action.


SandBoxie is available in several languages, but the default language is English. It is a freeware. It supports 64-bit systems.


Alternative spelling: SandboxieInstall-4.14.exe, SandboxieInstall.exe

Latest update on January 16, 2015 at 07:50 AM.

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