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Mac OS X - English

Nowadays, creating music is an easy task thanks to its evolution. orDrumbox is a perfect illustration of it. Indeed, it helps you to conceive sounds just by using your mouse, keyboards and an effective CPU.

Key features

  • Creating: orDrumbox is meant for conceiving and composing music with drumming. Advanced users will quickly master its use while novices ones will struggle a bit since it includes advanced features requiring advanced knowledge in computer-aided music composer.
  • Fully featured: this software comes with a database including music items for you to freely create your own music without lacking in tool. For instance, there is a preset rhythm database for those who do not have time in creating original ones. There are also preset track which can be edited and so forth.
  • Interface: the reason why novice users can use this software is that its handling is easy to grasp thanks to an intuitive interface. All functions are clearly indicated and moreover, it is user-friendly.
  • Graphic tools: otherwise, various applications can be used to change music’s rhythm and allows you to have an overview of sound’s variation thanks to a drawing graph. A volume button is also included.

System requirements

  • Operating system: Mac OS X
  • RAM: 3.25GB.


  • It is easy to use.
  • It includes grids for making creation straightforward.


  • Nothing special to report.
Alternative spelling: ordrumbox-V0.9.07-0.7.07.jar, ordrumbox-V0.9.07.jar
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