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Growly Notes

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Growly Notes
Mac OS X, English
Growly Notes is software that simplifies note taking. It facilitates the customization and supports images, links and videos used as illustration.

Main features

Added: The user is free to choose the formatting of the text as he wishes. If necessary, it is even possible to include detailed tables and lists. Several preset options simplify the steps to follow.
Management: It is permitted to import images, links or videos to enrich the data. For the Organization, this software offers them in the MenuBar under different headings and varied themes sorted alphabetically.
Multiple creation: the advantage using Growly Notes, is that the first sheet of notes created can serve as models for reproducing many others. If necessary, the user can share it on other computers sharing the same server.
Protection: To secure the information entered in this software as well as bundled items, simply enter a password when registering them. No access to the saved contents is possible without the correct code.


An edition of notes and the entire creation can be done at any moment.


No special mention.


Alternative spelling: notes_200-1.2.2.dmg, notes_200.dmg

Latest update on May 29, 2015 at 09:28 AM.

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