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Mac OS X, English
Hear is a sound improving application for enhancing the sound quality of a given audio track, movies and even games. It helps controlling speakers' resonance in order to enhance sound.

Key Features

Sound quality improvements

Hear is provided with an N-band equalizer that allows improving the sound quality. Other options such as Maximize (bringing a more "live feature") and Mixer for adjusting volume are also available.

Speaker correction

Failures may occur to the speakers resulting from a decrease of the sound quality. Hear is able to correct that using special features for correcting output phase and widening the frequency range of speakers.

Sound customization

The user is provided with special sound effects in order to customize the sound and 3D broadcasting, for example. He can also apply some manual settings to get the specific tone of his choice. Moreover, he can add reverb effect to the output.


  • Hear allows to virtually expand bass frequencies.
  • Another version compatible with Windows platforms is available on the publisher's website.


  • This is a demo version.
  • It does not support USB and FireWire audio interfaces.


Alternative spelling: Hear_1.1.6.dmg

Latest update on October 31, 2014 at 08:31 AM.

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