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MemberTies Standard version

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MemberTies Standard version
Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 2000 Windows 7 Windows 8 - English

MemberTies Standard version is programmed to gather and manage membership data for a small or large organization. It lets the user record detailed information about each member.

Key features

Storage: this is mainly focusing on recording data. So then, MemberTies Standard version can store each member's personal information. To name just a few, we can cite some data like their names, addresses and contact information.

Management: MemberTies Standard version offers various features apart from data storage. With this program, it allows the user to manage various activities of the organization. It also provides an autodial option for calling numbers if a monitor is connected to a modem.

Sharing: this program is also endowed with an Email sending option. This feature allows the user to share information with members. This action can be performed by simply writing the text in the dedicated field and by clicking on the "Send" button.


Multiple administrators can have access to the program's database.

MemberTies Standard version is offering an intuitive and sleek interface.

A picture can be attached to each member's information.


This is shareware version which is limited to twenty total membership records.

Alternative spelling: mbrtiestd-6.63c.exe, mbrtiestd.exe
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