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Mac Notepad

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Mac Notepad
Mac OS X - English
Owning a practical virtual notepad facilitate the organization of daily activities. Mac Notepad was designed for this purpose and helps users better manage and keep notes.

Key Features

Recording: Mac Notepad's main feature is to record notes so as not to lose them as they are spread all over the computer's hard disks. To perform such action, the user simply copies and pastes the text while assigning a title and a reference category.

Search: this software automatically organizes the notes stored into the system. It has a powerful search engine to quickly find a specific one. The user has just to enter the category or title in the search bar.

Customization: it is allowed to customize all notes according to preferences and needs. For example, it is possible to choose the font type, color, size, and many others.

Security: all notes can be protected with a password previously defined by the user. This process is not compulsory for all entered notes but is helpful for the protection of the most important items.


Mac Notepad's graphical interface is both intuitive and user-friendly.


This is a demo version.
The software is only available in English version.


Alternative spelling: notepad-9.9.dmg, notepad.dmg
Latest update on April 20, 2015 at 05:07 AM.
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