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TerCompta Real

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TerCompta Real
Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 7 - English

Ter Compta Real is an accounting program for small and medium-sized en-terprises. The simplicity of its accounts provides the user of the need for special training.

Main features

Creating a new user: the initial connection requires basic information about the user. The name, first name and function are noted on the main interface. The software validates the new password entered to regulate access to the software.

Editing of the interface: the user fills out the identity of the company card in this topic. Entering the name and the address of the registered office of the company is required to open Ter Compta real . Information such as the name of the city, the postal code and the VAT code shall be provided.

Input accounting exercises: this software allows the realization of newspapers and balance sheets. The user enters the name and the period of carrying out the operation in a window for the bookkeeping of accounts. The registration of the update occurs automatically after validation.


This is a free software.


Nothing special to report.

Alternative spelling: TerCompta_Setup-1.4.c.jar, TerCompta_Setup.c.jar
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