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Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, English
ColorPic is a single-purpose program which is meant to pick a specific color on your screen and to reproduce it faithfully. Usually, this kind of tool is always included in a graphic software but given that it is an essential, Iconico Inc. have decided to develop this software in order to fulfill its potential for more efficiency.

Key features

  • Editing: Moreover, ColorPic helps users to carry out a creative project. Once a color is picked, it might undergo some changes for improvement. For instance, you can adjust Saturation, Value, Hue, RGB Values, choose another color of the same range (displayed in hex and decimal) or adjust color with built-in color mixers.
  • Easy to use: Coming with an intuitive interface and a resizable magnification area, it gives users the ease to handle it fastly. In addition, it can be used with another program such as Photoshop, Firefox, Internet Explorer and so forth.
  • Saving feature: ColorPic also gives the ability to save all created and picked color in a palette automatically. This feature allows users to save time and to skip repeating the same editing manipulation to get the same color again.


  • It is entirely free.
  • After editing color setting, you are enabled to save all your created color for afterwards use.
  • Users can zoom in a picture to pick a specific color.


  • Nothing special to report.


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