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Mac OS X - English

iCal is an application designed to manage daily tasks. It is compatible with Mac OS X platforms. It provides a simple interface that facilitates its handling.

Key Features

Planning: iCal's main function is to monitor events such as appointments, birthdays, alarms and other more. For that, the user has to click on the plus (+) button and insert all parameters like date, hours and names of the events.

Categorizing: this software gives also the ability to sort and categorize all events by theme. For that, the user can create new calendar for each of them and rename it according to the theme like work, home or school.

Customizing: iCal is packed with an option to set alarm or to invite friends to join the event. It is also possible to reedit the occasion by double clicking on it via the Edition option.

Review tasks: saved items may be seen directly in the calendar. The software uses different colors to differentiate each theme of event. The meaning of each color is presented in a small window so the user can easily recognize them.


iCal can be used and downloaded for free.
It has a reminder to avoid forgetting important future task.


There is nothing to report.

Alternative spelling: iCal155-1.5.5.dmg, iCal155.dmg
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