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Star Office

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Star Office
Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 2000 - English
Star Office is an alternative to Microsoft Office software or Open Office. It allows working with all types of Office files such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and over more.

Key Features

Reading: Star Office's main function is to read all types of Microsoft Office formats. For that, it is provided with tools such as Text Document, Presentation, and Data Base instead of the Microsoft classic applications.

Compatibility: this software is able to open Microsoft Office files up to the 2007 version. In addition to that, it is also a cross platform application, that is to say that it is convenient for Mac as well as Microsoft's users.

PDF creator: the advantage with Star Office is that it gives the user the possibility to import and export documents in PDF. With this tool, the user is able to edit PDF files and save them without changing their format.

Email sending: the software is packed with an application to send email using Thunderbird messaging client. This is an alternative to Outlook messenger. Thanks to that, the user can manage his mailbox and contacts in an easier way.


Star Office offers 2 applications as an alternative for Outlook messenger which are Lightning and Mozilla Thunderbird.


This is a trial version.


Alternative spelling: StarOffice9.exe
Latest update on March 12, 2015 at 09:15 AM.
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I had star Office installed on a computer that was designed for me via my cousin and I got to where I really liked it. I am now saddened by the fact I can't seem to find it for anything above Win8. But not going to give up just yet. For me it was easy to use and easy to move around. I just liked the simplicity of it, compared to that other software of whom I will not mention. It has all the stuff that I use and with those that are out there now, it just seems a waste of space on my hard drive. with the non necessity's that are offered with the others.
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